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Kirkland West builds world-class finance organizations for our clients.  Our work spans recruiting CFOs, Controllers, Treasurers, and Financial Planning & Analysis professionals.  Our clients include the portfolio companies of leading private equity firms, mid and large cap corporations, and professional services firms.


At Kirkland West, we understand how to identify, screen and attract the "A-Players" with the skills, experience, leadership, and motivation necessary to excel in demanding organizations.

Attention to Detail


A good finance professional will display a thorough, process-control approach to financial reporting and forecasting and will naturally communicate business results with clear, well thought-out metrics and dashboards.  Through our interactions with prospective candidates, we are continually assessing their abilities to be highly detailed and to "own" the models.



One of the most important criteria that we look for in finance professionals is a track record of results.  In today's complex business and regulatory environment it is vitally important to hire individuals with proven abilities who can immediately have a positive impact on a business.  There is no time or room for individuals who require "ramp up" time or have shortcomings in critical areas.



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