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Kirkland West Finance Practice


Kirkland West builds world-class finance organizations for our clients.  Our work spans recruiting CFOs, Controllers, Treasurers, and Financial Planning & Analysis professionals.  Our clients include the portfolio companies of leading private equity firms, mid and large cap corporations, and professional services firms.


At Kirkland West, we understand how to identify, screen and attract the "A-Players" with the skills, experience, leadership, and motivation necessary to excel in demanding organizations.


Business Partner Finance


We recognize that the successful finance professional is a true business partner to management and the overall organization.  She/He is operationally sophisticated and has the strategic mindset to understand the essential levers that drive a business.  This person is also willing to "roll-up" her/his sleeves to do what is necessary for the organization's success.


Attention to Detail


A good finance professional will display a thorough, process-control approach to financial reporting and forecasting and will naturally communicate business results with clear, well thought-out metrics and dashboards.  Through our interactions with prospective candidates, we are continually assessing their abilities to be highly detailed and to "own" the models.






One of the most important criteria that we look for in finance professionals is a track record of results.  In today's complex business and regulatory environment it is vitally important to hire individuals with proven abilities who can immediately have a positive impact on a business.  There is no time or room for individuals who require "ramp up" time or have shortcomings in critical areas.


Why Kirkland West




We are continuously in the marketplace recruiting high performance finance professionals and are ready to launch a search immediately.  Our search consultants work aggressively to develop a slate of interested, qualified candidates within the first two weeks of an assignment.




At Kirkland West we have an expansive network of finance professionals across a variety of industries and with experience at all levels.  Furthermore, we possess deep, granular insights regarding these individuals that allow us to reduce the complexity of a search, provide transparency to our clients, and present top tier candidates who might not be identified by or engage with other firms that lack our specialization.


Proven and Successful


Finding the right finance professionals is paramount to the success of a business and it is critical to get it done quickly and to "get it right" the first time, minimizing problems and maximizing the potential of the business.


Kirkland West has a history of success in placing finance leaders on behalf of our clients in industries spanning Business Services, Consumer Products, Energy, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Industrial Products, Retail, and Technology.  We have worked with companies located throughout the contiguous United States.  Our experience has included building entire teams to replacing existing finance leaders (such as CFOs) on a confidential basis.


Regardless of the industry, location or situation, we have always delivered results for our clients through our networks, relationships, and disciplined, process-driven approach.



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