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Kirkland West Strategy Practice


Kirkland West's flagship practice is recruiting current and former management consultants.  We recruit individuals at all levels from Analyst to Engagement Manager to experienced Partner.  Our global network consists of tens of thousands of individuals who are currently employed by or alumni of top consulting firms such as Bain, BCG, and McKinsey.  Our clients include leading private equity firms, venture capital firms, hedge funds and select consulting firms as well as large, mid, and small cap corporations across a range of industries and geographies.  We have served clients in consumer products, energy, financial services, healthcare, industrials, insurance, life sciences, media, retail, and technology.  We have recruited management consultants for roles in strategy, business development, finance, operations, marketing, and sales.


Our Approach


Over the years, we have developed an integrated, insights driven approach that is based on forging deep relationships with candidates and clients, supported by an extensive knowledge base, and executed by a dedicated team of experts.  This approach has enabled us to achieve an exceptional track record of success and gives us the confidence in our abilities to guarantee results.


Deep Candidate Relationships


We form relationships with individuals as they begin their consulting careers.  We do this at both the post undergraduate and post graduate (MBA, PhD, JD, and Masters) levels.  Consultants want to engage with us as they know that we have a diverse set of opportunities for them at every step of their careers.




Dedicated Team of Experts


The Kirkland West team of experts possesses many years of experience successfully recruiting individuals with consulting backgrounds.  Our team is viewed by many current and former consultants as trusted advisors and are sought out time and again for career advice.  The rapport and trust that we have established with the consulting community helps us to "cut through the noise" and dramatically increase the response rate to our outreach.  In turn, our clients get exposure to a wide range of high caliber talent for their openings.


Why Kirkland West




We are continuously in the marketplace recruiting individuals from the top management consulting firms and are ready to launch a search immediately.  Our search consultants work aggressively to develop a slate of interested, qualified candidates within the first two weeks of an assignment.




At Kirkland West we have an expansive network of current and former management consultants across a variety of industries and functional disciplines with experience at all levels.  Furthermore, we possess deep, granular insights regarding these individuals that allow us to reduce the complexity of a search, provide transparency to our clients, and present top tier candidates who might not be identified by or engage with other firms that lack our specialization.


Proven and Successful


We have an impressive track record of success in recruiting talented individuals with premier management consulting backgrounds for our clients.  Our experience has spanned building new strategy teams (from analyst through head), to placing former consultants in operations/marketing/finance roles, to working with private equity firms to build out their operations teams.  We have worked across a wide range of industries and geographies.  Regardless of the level, industry location or situation, we have always delivered results for our clients through our deep candidate relationships, extensive knowledge base and dedicated team of experts.


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